Business Opportunity - Trade / Dealership Enquiry

At the onset, we wish to thank you for the keen interest shown in our product - organic Wheat Grass Powder.
Natural Health Products marketing is a highly noble activity wherein you get to provide value addition to society,
Plus it can be a financially rewarding ‘self employment’ business opportunity to yourself.
All our Dealers experience great respect, admiration and job satisfaction while promoting ‘Nature’s way to health and wellness’.

For Domestic marketing:-
  • Easy to start – from Home / Shop / Office.
  • Low cost entry – minimum order 24 bottles.
  • Area wise monopoly / sole Dealership.
  • Ready made marketing tools.
  • Best Sales & Marketing support provided.

Trade / Dealership enquiry solicited in following 3 categories:

a.  Dealer / Resellers: required per City / District in all States.

b.  Private Label: for MLM / Network Marketing Companies. 

c.  Bulk / Loose Powder: for repacking, rebranding or exports.

For Exports marketing:-

  • Business offer open for Individuals / Company
  • Labels / brochures in your language available.
  • Exclusive – Dealership for the country.
  • Listing on our website Dealers List page.
  • Ready marketing module & guidance available. 

Importer & Distributor required per country for marketing as follows:

a. As a Dealer: Retail / Resell in ‘Girmes Wheatgrass’ (GWG) brand.

b. Distrubution: Create Dealers Network in all over the country.

c. Private Label: OEM / white label service available.

d. Bulk / Loose Powder: for repacking / to use as a raw material.

Girmes Wheatgrass Business Opportunity

:: New packing options w.e.f. 1st June 2016 ::

3g x 30 sachet box 3g x 10 sachet box 100g zip lock pouch 200g zip lock pouch
3g x 30 sachet box 3g x 10 sachet box 100g zip lock pouch 200g zip lock pouch


Wheat Grass Powder marketing can be done from Home / Office / Shop / Clinic, etc.  Great product to add in existing retail, organic foods or natural health products business.  Creating awareness is made easy due to the excellent marketing tools that we provide. 

There is great market potential for Wheatgrass Powder in all countries worldwde.

Just imagine how many people in your City / District / Country might be suffering from: Cancer, Anemia, Thalassemia, Diabetes, Acidity, Piles (Haemmorhoids),Obesity (weight loss), Skin problems, etc.

You can approach them through various enquiry
generation methods like: Referral marketing, Internet Marketing, Paper Ads, using Handbills, Seminars,Citizens groups,Cancer / Thalassemia / Diabetes - Patients Support Groups,aturopathy Doctors, Dieticians, Alternative Therapists, Organic / Health Food Retailers, Herbal / Ayurvedic Stores, etc.


We welcome enquiry by an individual or a Company interested in marketing of

Food Supplements, Naturopathic Medecine, Natural Health Products, Organic Products, Raw Foods, Alkaline Foods, Herbal Products, Naturopathy Products, Natural Cures, Natural Remedies, etc through Organic Shops, rganic Stores, Health Food Stores, Health Shops, Dieticians, Naturopaths, Naturopathy Doctors, Nature Cure Centre, Naturopathy Centres, Alternative Therapists, Spa, Wellness Clubs, Ayurvedic Centre, Online Stores, etc


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