Wheatgrass Powder Vs Other forms of Wheatgrass - Comparison

Comparison of Wheatgrass Powder Vs Fresh Wheatgrass Juice:

Comparison Wheat Grass Juice Wheat Grass Powder
Shelf Life Remains good for just a few hours &
is difficult to transport long distance
Best before 1 year from date of packaging. Can be transported anywhere.
Fibre Many beneficial nutrients thrown out along
with Fiber when juice is strained out in
Contains all the beneficial nutrients including Chlorophyll & Fibre
Quantity Wheatgrass used to make a glass of juice
may be less than 30 g (suggested quantity).
1 spoon (3 g) = 30 g fresh Wheatgrass (30 g fresh Wheatgrass per day is suggest for good results)
Organic Quality May contain harmful pesticide / heavy metals residue if not grown in organic method. 100 % Chemical free, Certified Organic product.
Convenience Tedious to make juice & difficult to grow in all climatic conditions / seasons. Easy to carry & ready to use. Have your Wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time!
Cost Cost for 1 glass per day for 1 month = Costly. 100 g bottle = 1 months course. Costs less than a month’s supply of fresh Wheatgrass juice.


Comparison of Wheatgrass Tablet V/s Wheatgrass Powder:

Subject Wheatgrass Tablet Wheatgrass Powder
Quantity - 3 g per day is suggested usage. 1 tablet = 0.5 g, means 6 tablets need to taken at a time which is generally not followed by users. 3 g Powder is assured as 1 spoon gives this
much recommended quantity.
Chlorophyll – most important nutrient is Wheatgrass. Swallowing tablets does not make the Chlorophyll mix with saliva. Chlorophyll is reformed on mixing with water
& first step of digestion starts when it mixes
with saliva while drinking..
Efficacy – overall results. Wheatgrass Tablets are less effective than Powder. Wheatgrass Powder is the most effective than Tablet or Sachets.
Then why people ask for it? Taste factor – people want the benefits by gulping tablets just to avoid the bitter taste & vegetable smell that Wheatgrass is known for. Our Wheatgrass Powder is sweet in taste. Remember that taste is in the mind & not on
the tongue. All things that are good for the
health are usually not liked by the tongue.
Conclusion - We strongly do not promote Wheatgrass Tablets as it is less result giving to the end user. Wheatgrass in Powder form is the best option
to acquire the benefits of Wheatgrass as
compared to it in Tablet form.




Girmes Wheatgrass powder comparison with juice

Wheatgrass Powder V/s
Fresh Wheatgrass Juice


Girmes Wheatgrass powder comparison with tablet
Wheatgrass Tablet V/s Wheatgrass Powder


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