Wheatgrass Blog

    • VARICOSE VEINS:(Female patient, Age – 38 Yrs.)
      The patient’s blood vessels in both the legs below the knee had swollen and had become hard. She could not walk freely. She took treatment from various doctors but was not benefited. Wheat grass juice therapy was taken for 4 months continuously along with naturopath diet consisting of vegetables, salads which helped her a lot. The swollen veins became normal and she could walk without pain.


    • ELEPHANTIASIS: (Male, Age – 55 Yrs.)
      The patient’s both the legs were swollen due to Elephantiasis. Even his stomach and hands were swollen. He was under medication for more than one and a half year. The situation kept on getting worse and finally a reputed doctor suggested taking the patient home since all the remedies had failed. The patient‘s family thought of trying naturopathy as the last resort and approached Girme’s Nature Cure Center at Akluj. The patient was given Wheat Grass Juice Therapy long with the naturopathy diet consisting mostly juices of carrots, snake gourd, cucumber, vegetable soups, tulsikada, etc. Slowly the swelling began to reduce and on the 16th day from the day starting the Wheat Grass Therapy the swelling was completely gone. He continued the therapy for 3 months and got cured.


    • KIDNEY PROBLEMS:(Female, Age – 55 Yrs.)
      This patient was on dialysis for every 15 days as his kidneys were weakened. He also suffered from a heart attack during this period. So the dialysis had to be stopped although the patient could not survive without it. This patient’ son is a doctor himself. He thought of trying Wheat Grass Therapy along with naturopathy diet consisting of juices.
      Since the kidneys were weak, the doctor’s son was against taking the liquid diet. But juices had to be given as per naturopathy along with Wheat Grass Juice. The patient could pass urine about 500 ml to 600 ml.( A normal healthy person should pass urine about 2 liter’s. daily.)So the daily urine was measured which kept on increasing after 5 to 6 days. On the 12th day the patient could pass urine up to 2 liter’s as the kidney’s started to function. The patient was kept on Wheat Grass Therapy for further 3 months. The kidney’s started to function normally and dialysis was not needed later.


    • WEIGHT LOSS: (Male patient, age 45 Yrs; Weight 116 Kg.)
      This patient was facing lot of health problems due to being over-weight. After taking lot of various treatments to reduce weight, he finally decided to try Wheatgrass therapy.
      In order to reduce weight, diet has to be reduced. Many a times, the drastic reduction in nutritional foods causes weakness and other health hazards. This increases the craving for foods that time and the weight reduction plan fails.
      Wheatgrass powder supplements the body’s nutrition requirement even if the diet is reduced. It gives a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger pangs. The balanced nutrients promote the body to lose excess fats and reduce weight.
      This person strictly followed the diet plan for weight reduction as given in the book long with Wheatgrass therapy and mild exercise. Within 1 month he reduced 10 Kg and further reduced 16 Kg in next 4 months. He could reduce a total of 26 Kgs in 6 to 7 month.