Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

How Wheatgrass Powder helps in cancer treatment?

in Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder January 13, 2022

Wheatgrass Powder helps in Cancer treatment:– Chlorophyll reduces the harmful effects of radiation– Helps rebuild new body cells– Helps detox and flush out ‘medical’ toxins– Helps increase hemoglobin and increase blood oxygen– Helps balance blood pH towards alkaline– Contains Vit B17 (Laetrile B that helps combat cancer)– Fibre helps improve bowel movement & detoxHence Wheatgrass Powder […]

Wheatgrass for PILES

in Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder September 17, 2021

Piles (hemorrhoids) are lumps inside and around the bottom (anus) caused due to chronic constipation and stress. They usually get cured on their own within a few days. Severe Piles problem causes pain, discomfort during passing stools,  bleeding during bowel movements and itching when sitting. People generally do not speak about this intimate problem openly […]

Suggestions To Combat Covid-19

in Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder, Corona Virus April 1, 2020

Nature Cure suggestions to combat Covid-19: 1) Drink green juice of Wheatgrass Powder It help detox, balance pH, increase haemoglobin and strengthen immunity. 2) Soak in bright sunshine for 20 mins. Helps our body adjust to enviornment, ward off viral infections, absorb Vit D, boost metabolism and strengthen immunity. 3) If required Drink turmeric powder […]