Naturopathy Diet Recipes

As per Naturopathy, a combination of healthy diet along with Wheatgrass powder shows better health enhancing results. Diet plans for a few prominent diseases are given in the next chapter. Following are the recipes for preparing items mentioned in the diet plans. Brown Rice | Rice Soup | Mug Dal Soup | Sprouted Pulses | Carrot Juice | Vegetable Salad | Basil Leaf Tea | Jaggery Syrup | Lime Water | Vegetables Soup | Baked PotatoesRagi Roti (Madua / Nachni roti)Ragi (Madua / Nachni) Milk Khichidi | Vegetable Parathas | Fruit Salad | Potato Skin Soup | Til (Sesame seed) chutney | Jawas (Flaxseed / Linseed) chutney  
  1. Brown Rice: This semi-polished rice has a reddish brown color and contains more beneficial nutrients than white (polished) rice. It should be washed minimum and soaked for 2 to 3 hours before cooking it in a pressure cooker using the same water. 
  2. Rice soup:Follow the above method but add water 8 to 10 times the quantity of rice. Remove the rice to a side and the thick rice soup that is obtained is very nutritious. 
  3. Mug Dal Soup: (Green Gram Dhal) Add 7 to 8 times water and boil without stirring. Strain out the thick watery soup and add a little salt and pepper for taste. The Mug dal soup thus obtained contains many proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc. 
  4. Sprouted Pulses: Pulses such as Green Mug, Matki, Harbara Dal, etc. are very nutritious when eaten raw after sprouting. For sprouting, first soak the selected pulses in water for 8 to 12 hours. Then drain the water and keep the pulses wrapped in a thick wet cloth for one day. Keep the cloth moist by frequent watering. Length of the sprouts increases if kept for another day or two. Longer sprouts are more nutritious. Raw sprouts are recommended to be included in daily diet. The sprouts can also be boiled / stir-fried by adding a little salt, pepper and spices for flavor. 
  5. Carrot Juice: Remove the inner whitish stem (as its acidic) and use the outer reddish layer of the carrot for extracting juice by adding water as required. 
  6.  Vegetable Salad: Use vegetables such as Carrot, Cucumber, Cabbage. Radish, Beetroot, spinach, Lettuce, Coriander, etc. by cutting them into small pieces or shredding. Mix them well and add salt and pepper. Another version is to add dry fruits and honey to the previously mixed salad. It has a little sweet taste and is liked by children also. 
  7. Basil leaf Tea (Tulsi kadha): 2 cup water + 3 or 4 Basil( Tulsi) leaves + Lemon grass (gavti chai) + 2 g ginger + Jaggery as a sweetener. Boil the above ingredients (without adding milk) and pour the tasty drink in a teacup. Try this tea instead of the regular tea / coffee and you will find it more refreshing. 
  8. Jaggery Syrup (Gud paak): Use organic jaggery, which is dark brown in colour. Break into small pieces one Kg. Jaggery, add 2-cup water and let it soak for about 10 hours. Then add a little more water and boil well to form thick syrup. Let it cool naturally, strain the syrup and store it in a glass / ceramic jar. It should be prepared fresh in quantity as required for a week. Jaggery syrup is an excellent sweetener and should be used wherever required instead of sugar. It can be added to milk also or eaten with roti, by adding a few drops of lemon juice for taste. 
  9. Lime Water (Nimbu Pani): Take a glass of water (warm or cold water as per the season), squeeze a half / full lemon in it and stir well. Do not add any salt or sugar). Having a glass of limewater first thing in the morning has therapeutic value. 
  10. Vegetables Soup: Select two / three vegetables from a variety such as Bottle Gourd (Bhopla), Dodka, Cabbage (Patta Gobi), Fenugreek leaves (Methi), Spinach (Palak), Cow Pea (Chowli), etc. Cut them into small pieces, add water twice the quantity of vegetables and steam cook in a cooker. Let it cool a little and then extract its soup by grinding and removing the fiber through a wire-mesh strainer. Give seasoning of Cumin seeds (Jeera), garlic, turmeric powder and Kadi Patta. This soup has very high nutritious value. 
  11. Baked Potatoes: They are better than the boiled potatoes. Apply a mudpack before baking them over coal amber in a tandoor / barbeque and eat them without removing the skin. In urban areas, they can be baked in an oven / microwave. 
  12. Ragi Roti (Madua / Nachni roti): Ragi is a good minerals and fiber supplement. Rotis are prepared from Ragi flour. Another version is to prepare roti by mixing Bajra / Jowar flour with it. 
  13. Ragi (Madua / Nachni) Milk: Take a bowl of Ragi seeds (Nachni) and soak for 12 hours. Then grind the sprouted Ragi by adding water as required in a mixer. Strain it using a cloth. It is good for diabetes patients. 
  14. Khichidi: Mix 2/3rd part Brown rice and 1/3rd part of sprouted Green Mug + 4 times the quantity water + Garnishing of Turmeric, salt, grinded Groundnuts, Coriander, Jeera, Garlic, Ginger, etc. Add previously cut vegetables such as Bottle gourd, Cucumber, Carrot, Green Peas, etc. Mix and steam cook in a cooker. 
  15. Vegetable Parathas: Add pre cut vegetables such as Cabbage, Potato, Chow Pea, Fenugreek, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, etc; to Wheat / Jowar dough and roast the Parathas over a flat pan by adding a little oil / Ghee / Butter. 
  16. Fruit Salad: Cut and mix sweet fruits such as Papaya, Chikko, Banana, Apple, Dates, etc. Add thick buttermilk / sweet whipped curds. Do not add milk with custard powder, as is the general practice. A few Mint (Pudina) or Basil (Tulsi) leaves add flavor. 
  17. Potato skin soup: Wash clean 4 to 5 medium sized potatoes and scrap off the skin using a scraper. Boil the skin in water and strain out the thick soup. Add a little salt for taste. 
  18. Til (Sesame seed) chutney: Dry roast a bowl of Til (Sesame seeds) on a low flame till they splutter. Add roasted garlic 10 flakes, rock salt 1 Tsp and red chilly powder 1 Tsp or dry pepper for taste. Pound or dry grind it in a mixer.
  19. Jawas (Flaxseed / Linseed) chutney: Flaxseeds are the best source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids and rich in antioxidants. Dry roast a bowl of Jawas (flaxseed) on a low flame till they splutter. Add a little dry coconut, roasted garlic 10 flakes, rock salt and red chilly powder 1 Tsp or dry pepper for taste. Pound or dry grind it in a mixer. One spoonful with every meal is a healthy addition to the diet. It can also be sprinkled over salad or sprouts.