Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder:

  • Wheatgrass Powder benefits for preventive health care.
  • Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder are many for health and healing.
  • Wheatgrass Powder benefits to help boost immunity and speed up recovery in all health conditions.
  • Wheatgrass Powder helps detox fatty liver, blood, intestine, flush out toxins, free radicals etc and thus help reduce stress, tension, foul odours of breath & sweat.
  • Wheatgrass Powder helps balance pH to alkaline and boost immunity.
  • Wheatgrass Powder help boost red blood cells production and increase Hemoglobin level in blood. Hence Wheatgrass Powder is highly recommended in Naturopathy to help combat Anemia, Asthma and Thalassemia.
  • Dietary fiber in Wheatgrass Powder helps Detox, control Blood Sugar, Cholesterol level, improve bowel movement and prevent Constipation.
  • Wheatgrass Powder benefits to help combat blood and digestion related disorders like Anemia, Thalassemia, Leukemia, Blood Cancer, Diabetes, Colitis, Crohn’s disease, Acidity, Ulcers, Piles (Hemorrhoids), etc.
  • Wheatgrass Powder helps improve skin & muscle tone, achieve weight loss, etc.
  • Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder paste (made in water + few drops milk + pinch of Turmeric) applied like a pack helps overcome skin problems such as acne, black/white heads, freckles /skin tan / burn, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Boost immunity
  • Detoxification
  • Liver Detox
  • Increase Hb count
  • Anaemia & Thalassemia
  • Alkaline pH balance
  • Reproductive health
  • Energy booster
  • Anti-cancer
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Anti-ageing
  • Cholesterol control
  • Sugar control
  • Heal wounds
  • Weight loss
  • Menstrual problems
  • Digestive health
  • Piles / Haemorrhoids
  • Acidity, Ulcers
  • Arthritis, joint pain
  • Skin & muscle tone
  • Acne, Black/White heads
  • And the list goes on………
Wheatgrass Benefit

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Disclaimer: Wheatgrass Powder and Tablets are natural food supplements and not medicine:
  • They are not intended to replace any medication / treatment without consultation.
  • A combination of proper living and dietary habits, physical activity, pleasant environment and stress free life are necessary for well-being. It would be too much to ignore these factors and expect Wheatgrass Powder alone to create miracles.

Wheatgrass Powder helps cancer patients to flush out the toxins caused by heavy medication, helps increase haemoglobin, new cells formation, pH balance towards alkaline, boost metabolism, immunity and reduce side effects of chemotherapy. Wheatgrass Powder taken regularly may even work for cancer prevention.

Wheatgrass Powder is a Nature Cure concept product rich in chlorophyll which has antiseptic, anti-bacterial and wound healing properties. Dehydrated fibre in Wheatgrass Powder absorbs water, expands in digestive tract and helps resolve constipation, improve bowel movement. Moreover Wheatgrass Powder helps increase hemoglobin and balance pH. Hence Wheatgrass Powder works as a herbal remedy beneficial for healing even bleeding piles.

Wheatgrass Powder juice helps boost the bone marrow’s ability to increase hemoglobin production as the molecular structure of Chlorophyll contained in Wheatgrass bears a close resemblance to the substance called Hemin contained in human blood. Dieticians, therefore, call Wheatgrass ‘green blood’. Wheatgrass Powder is hence recommended as a health supplement for Thalassemia and Anaemia patients along with suitable diet plans to help reduce the requirement of blood transfusion.

Wheatgrass contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6  and B12, vitamin C, E and K, Calcium, Iodine, Selenium, Zinc and many other minerals including superoxide dismutase, mucopolysaccarides and chlorophyll. All these give anti-inflammatory properties to Wheatgrass which exerts a positive effect on bone and joint problems. Wheatgrass Powder thus helps ease some of the symptoms of arthritis such as stiffness, pain and swelling.

Wheatgrass cleanses the blood and thus prevents skin breakouts like pimples or acne. Applying a paste of wheatgrass powder, pinch of turmeric, rose water and few drops of milk can prevent and treat acne promoting healthy skin. Vitamins E and B encourage faster healing and skin regeneration.

Wheatgrass Powder juice is rich in chlorophyll which helps detox, improve pH balance, increase hemoglobin, oxygen level, and boost metabolism. Fibre in Wheatgrass Powder helps overcome constipation and reduces cholesterol and blood sugar. Magnesium helps increase the responsiveness of insulin and this, in turn, reduces blood sugar. Wheatgrass is a rich source of antioxidants that help in fighting the damaging free radicals aggravated by diabetes. Hence Wheatgrass Powder is beneficial for diabetics.