Wheatgrass Powder – The Wonder Health Supplement

in Wheatgrass World April 20, 2018

Wheatgrass Powder:

Wheatgrass Powder is the best vegetarian source of more than 90 beneficial concentrated phyto nutrients, vitamins, minerals, 19 Amino acids including 9 EAA (essential amino acids), dietary fibre, which collectively makes it as the most versatile natural health food supplement that helps promote health and healing.

The original concept is about drinking the fresh Wheatgrass juice but it had limitations of shelf life and difficult in transporting to needy people far off places. That promoted Wheatgrass to be converted in to Powder which is easy to store and use anywhere, anytime by mixing with water to rehydrate and reform the green juice mixture that is nearest to the fresh Wheatgrass juice in taste and nutrition.

Nowadays Wheatgrass is being promoted in many forms like fresh juice, frozen juice, Wheatgrass tablets, Wheatgrass capsules, Wheatgrass powders, with compositions varying according to their production and promotion concept. Out of all these Wheatgrass in Powder form is the nearest to the original concept of Wheatgrass Juice and proven as the most convenient, economical and efficient format of acquiring the health benefits of Wheatgrassneedy people worldwide.

In India, Girmes Wheatgrass is considered as the pioneers of Wheatgrass focussed on authentic promotion of Wheat Grass Powder with proper Naturopathic perspective since 1998.