Weight Loss

This patient was facing lot of health problems due to being over-weight. After taking lot of various treatments to reduce weight, he finally decided to try Wheatgrass therapy.
In order to reduce weight, diet has to be reduced. Many a times, the drastic reduction in nutritional foods causes weakness and other health hazards. This increases the craving for foods that time and the weight reduction plan fails.
Wheatgrass powder supplements the body’s nutrition requirement even if the diet is reduced. It gives a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger pangs. The balanced nutrients promote the body to lose excess fats and reduce weight.
This person strictly followed the diet plan for weight reduction as given in the book long with Wheatgrass therapy and mild exercise. Within 1 month he reduced 10 Kg and further reduced 16 Kg in next 4 months. He could reduce a total of 26 Kgs in 6 to 7 month.

Girme`s Wheatgrass

Welcome to Girme’s Wheatgrass!! We are a Family owned Agro Based Enterprise conceptualized / developed by Mr.Hemant C. Girme with his father Mr.Chandrakant N. Girme, who is an agriculturist turned Naturopath (Doctor of Naturopathy or Nature Cure) specialized in Wheat Grass therapy. We have been producing organic Wheat Grass since 1998 on our own organic farm and started commercial promotion of Wheat Grass Powder in the year 2005. We specialize in producing organic Wheat Grass on our own organic farm & manufacturing international quality Wheat Grass Powder in our HACCP certified factory.

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