Wheatgrass – Natures Gift To Mankind


Wheatgrass is known for its therapeutic value in Nature Cure / Naturopathy and is very much liked by promoters of Natural Health Products, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic products, Naturopathic Medicine, Natural Medication, Alternative therapy, Natural remedy, Raw Food Diet, Food Supplements, Natural Medicines, Organic Health Products for Wellness Clinics, Herbal medicine, Medicinal plant extract, etc. Sometimes Wheat Grass is spelt as Vitgras, Vheatgress, Vitagrass, Whetgrass, whet grass, wheatagrass etc.

Girme`s Wheatgrass

Welcome to Girme’s Wheatgrass!! We are a Family owned Agro Based Enterprise conceptualized / developed by Mr.Hemant C. Girme with his father Mr.Chandrakant N. Girme, who is an agriculturist turned Naturopath (Doctor of Naturopathy or Nature Cure) specialized in Wheat Grass therapy. We have been producing organic Wheat Grass since 1998 on our own organic farm and started commercial promotion of Wheat Grass Powder in the year 2005. We specialize in producing organic Wheat Grass on our own organic farm & manufacturing international quality Wheat Grass Powder in our HACCP certified factory.

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