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Experts Comments on Girmes Wheatgrass Powder

Dr. Abhay Desai - Director, Food Hygiene & Health Laboratory, Hadapsar, Pune, India

M/s Girmes Wheatgrass, is one of valuable customer being catered by us for all testing facilities that they required time to time. They are associated with us since 2005. The product "wheat grass powder" manufactured by them, has been examined by us periodically as per the FSSAI regulations and found not only satisfactory but it is safe for human consumption, besides it conforms all standards norms of FSSAI. They maintained the quality of the product consistently .

We have used this product for our personal use also, it is found effective for all the indications indicated by the manufacturer.

Dr. Abhay Desai
Director, Food Hygiene & Health Laboratory, Hadapsar, Pune, India.

Dr. Nandini

First a word of thanks to Girmes Wheatgrass on behalf of the human race, for the yeoman service they are doing, so silently. In fact I am dumbfounded by the results of their product on my patients. Even cases which were clearly in surgical line responded remarkably well and to my surprise got cured without a scalpel.

We visited their Wheatgrass manufacturing farm at Akluj, M.S; in Feb ‘07. The beautiful memories of that visit are still fresh in my mind. There we got to see the super hygienic standards maintained by satisfied man power that seemed so happy, peaceful and the best at work.

I found the Wheatgrass powder even acting so deeply to bring a change in mind scenario as well. It helped one of my patients to quit smoking without external constraints.

In fact my entire view regarding Naturopathy has changed after using their product. May God bless their efforts to provide mankind with a ‘healthy’ concept. A country like ours needs such alternative therapy products which are economical and scientific.

Yours truly,
Dr. Mani Gandhan Iyer
- B.P.T; M.I.A.P. (Chennai)

Dr. Birendra Sinha Rana, (N. D) - Director- Uttarakhand Nature Cure & Yoga Science Academy

Date : 20th May 07 As a young student of Nature Cure in 1987, I was introduced to Wheatgrass by the late Guruji Shri Hiralalji, Founder President- All India Yoga and Naturopathy Academy, Rajghat, New Delhi. Many a times during his lectures, he would mention the successful experiments he conducted with Wheatgrass for therapeutic application.

After that I would read with interest about the benefits of Wheatgrass in many news papers and magazines. In 1987, I got the opportunity of trying Wheatgrass therapy on a close friend of mine who was suffering from chronic Colitis and had tried all remedies. Although the process of growing Wheatgrass in 7 different pots and extracting its juice was quite cumbersome, I was immensely satisfied with the fantastic recovery he showed after taking it for two months. Now also he remembers those difficult days and the efforts I had to take in growing Wheatgrass.

After my graduation, I got involved with our family’s trading business and since last five years have diversified into marketing health product.

I got to know Girmes Wheatgrass through an advertise in a news paper and responded due to my interest in Naturopathy products. In Jan 2007, I visited Dr. Chandrakant Girme’s son Mr. Hemant at his residence in Pune regarding marketing of their product – Girme’s Wheatgrass powder. After being satisfied with the information, I suggested the product to a few patients and was highly motivated by the results. Since then, I have suggested their product in a variety of health problems cases and am happy to say that it’s a perfect alternative therapy product as compared to costly medication.

I get immense job satisfaction marketing their high quality Wheatgrass powder and helping people lead a healthy lifestyle. I wish to whole heartedly thank Dr. Chandrakant Girme, who has dedicated many years to develop such a valuable product and publish its information in this book for the benefit of all mankind.

A million thanks and best wishes to Dr. Girme ! Faithfully

Dr. Birendra Sinha Rana, (N. D),
Director- Uttarakhand Nature Cure & Yoga Science Academy, Haldwani, Dist- Nainital, Uttarakhand - India.


Date: 04/01/06
Wheatgrass = Girme’s!
Dr. Chandrakant Girme is a first class diploma holder from our institutes 2001 batch. During the tenure of his course, he used to come all the way from Akluj to Nashik for discussions. This showed his inclination towards acquiring better knowledge for serving needy people better. Being a born agriculturist, Wheatgrass was his primary topic of interest and since that time it was evident that Mr. Girme will be popular in this field soon.

One day in 2002, I saw Mr. Girme’s interview about his Wheatgrass farm project on Doordarshan television. It was a moment of great joy and pride to see my student’s progress being shown on screen.
Wheatgrass is renowned for its therapeutic value and many books are available giving information about it. Growing Wheatgrass or making it available in urban areas is difficult. Mr. Girme’s efforts to overcome this obstacle are of great service to mankind.

He used to supply fresh Wheatgrass directly from his farm to my clinic in Nashik. Being an experienced agriculturist, the quality of his Wheatgrass is excellent. He also supplies fresh Wheatgrass to many other Naturopathy Centers. That’s why their name has become synonymous with Wheatgrass in our field.

As per the requirement in modern times, he has made available Wheatgrass Powder and its information book for the benefit of all. My heartiest congratulations to him on this new venture and pray to God that let his services reach maximum needy people far and wide……….!

Dr. Subhash Bhandari,
Director- Nature Cure Institute,
Ravivar Karanja, Nashik – 411001, State- Maharashtra, INDIA


Dr. Chandrakant Girme has achieved excellence in horticulture, floriculture and Naturopathy. He has thoroughly studied therapeutic applications of Wheatgrass and developed its cultivation techniques.

have experienced the positive effect of Wheatgrass in the case of my younger brother.

He was suffering from Anaemia, Chronic Renal Failure and Gangrene, which caused skin loss on the feet. His conditions were not favorable for skin grafting. He was cured within three months with the help of Girme’s Wheatgrass therapy along with diet and herbal cream provided by Dr. Girme. The skin on his feet has grown completely and Haemoglobin count increased up to normal level.

Wheatgrass powder has shown to benefit my many Anaemia patients also. Girme’s Wheatgrass powder production is done in a very systematic and hygienic way. The powder is free of side effects as it is ‘Organically’ produced.

Congratulations to Girme’s Wheatgrass!

Dr. Kishore P. Girme

M.B.B.S; D.L.O (Pune), D.O.M.S. (Mumbai)
Add: Sangramnagar, Akluj, Dist. Solapur, India


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Girmes Wheatgrass Business offer

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