Product Concept:

In modern times man has drifted far away from Nature.
Modern hectic life style combined with pollutions of all kind,
Improper diet, stress & lack of exercise are the root cause of most health issues.
Life style related health problems are on the rise every where.

The great Greek philosopher Hippocrates has rightly said:
‘Let thy food be thy medicine’

Natur has gifted us plants & herbs that can help us maintain health.
One of them is Wheatgrass know as Panacia on Earth
Renowned for its therapeutic value since ancient times,
Represented in Naturopathy, also referred to as ‘drugless therapy’.

How Wheatgrass Powder developed?
Drinking the green juice of Wheat Grass for health benefits is known worldwide.
But growing it in different climates & urban areas is not possible always.
At this junction Wheatgrass in Powder form is proving to be
Most convenient, economical & result oriented alternative
Even more effective than the fresh juice due to high concentration & dry fibre.

100 g Wheatgrass Powder
= obtained from 1 kg of fresh Wheatgrass,
= Nutrients from 23 kg vegetables.
= 30 glasses (1 months supply)

  • Mix 1 spoon (3 g) in a glass having 275 ml warm water & drink
  • Avoid any other food for half an hour before & after
  • Increase quantity as your body gets accustomed to the product
  • Green colour of mixture is due to beneficial chlorophyll with nutrients.
  • Tastes fresh & palatable, just like spinach but a little sweet.
  • If you want to blend taste, add 1 tsp honey or sweet fruit juice.
  • Can also be added in foods such as Sandwich, Salad, Rice, Pasta, etc.
  • Safe - for children, the elderly, infirm and
    women during pregnancy, breastfeeding and if trying to conceive