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Wheatgrass Powder Production Process

Girmes Wheatgrass Bottle

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Girmes Wheatgrass Production house
Girmes Wheatgrass Production house - watering
Girmes Wheatgrass Production house - harvesting
Girmes Wheatgrass Production house - bottle packing

Girme’s Wheatgrass is grown perennially in shade net houses using organic soil media. New sowing and harvesting is done daily all year round.

The Wheatgrass is grow for 7 days and then harvested at the ‘jointing stage’ when the maximum nutrition content is ‘stored’ in its tender blades of grass. It is then dehydrated indoors naturally (without direct sunlight / mechanism) and grinded into fine Powder thus retaining its natural nutritional value.

The wheat grass is growing for 7 days in a tropical temperature and is then harvested in the "shrub connection phase" at the time when the maximum nutritional value is stored in the blades of the grass.

Hereafter wheatgrass naturally, below 40 ° C indoors without direct sunlight and under the most hygienic standards dried for maximum natural nutritional guarantee.

In the final phase, the wheat grass ground to fine powder and sealed packed.

Through this process we can ensure that only top quality wheatgrass powder is supplied.

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110, Raviraj CRU Mall,
Market Yard, Pune - 411037,
State- Maharashtra, INDIA.

Working Hours:     
Mon to Fri:   9.30 am – 6 pm
Saturday:     9.30 am – 1 pm
Indian Time (IST) = GMT + 05.30 Hrs

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Girmes Wheatgrass Business offer
Girmes Wheatgrass Business offer

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