Testimonials of Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass Products have been used worldwide for their therapeutic application and lots of successful cases documented. In the last 22 years, we also have observed Wheatgrass Powder therapy helping solve many health problems and following are some of the testimonials. The identity of these people is kept confidential to maintain their privacy. The age displayed is at the time of taking our Naturopathy treatment.

Caution Notes:

  • Results displayed here are of those individuals and may vary from person to person. Uniformity of same results to other users is not assured.
  • Wheatgrass powder is a food supplement and not a medicine. It should not replace any medication without consultation.

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Female patient, Age – 32 Yrs.> This lady had been diagnosed with lumps in the chest and the breast. New lumps were also occurring. The patient’s health was also deteriorating and her family members decided to try alternative therapy rather then operation.
She started taking wheat grass juice along with her treatment and continued it for 3 months long with naturopathy diet. This helped to improve her health and her new lumps stopped to occur. Gradually she got cured of the disease. It’s been more than 4 years now and she is in good health.

Female patient, Age 47 Yrs. This lady was under radiotherapy after being operated for colon cancer. She faced lot of side effects such as hair loss, weakness, burning sensation, swelling of the body, etc. They approached Girme’s Naturopathy Center and were suggested to undergo Wheatgrass therapy. Within 3 months it benefited her by solving all her side effect problems and her reports also showed her to be in normal health. She felt energetic and could lead a normal lifestyle.

Male patient, Age 38 Yrs. This patient suddenly lost his voice and was diagnosed to have cancer. He was admitted to hospital for treatment and got some relief. But his voice was not audible yet and his weight was also increasing. He took Wheatgrass therapy with proper naturopathy diet for 3 months, which helped him to regained normal health.

Female patient, Age – 38 Yrs.:
The patient’s blood vessels in both the legs below the knee had swollen and had become hard. She could not walk freely. She took treatment from various doctors but was not benefited. Wheat grass juice therapy was taken for 4 months continuously along with naturopath diet consisting of vegetables, salads which helped her a lot. The swollen veins became normal and she could walk without pain.

Male, Age – 55 Yrs.:
The patient’s both the legs were swollen due to Elephantiasis. Even his stomach and hands were swollen. He was under medication for more than one and a half year. The situation kept on getting worse and finally a reputed doctor suggested taking the patient home since all the remedies had failed. The patient‘s family thought of trying naturopathy as the last resort and approached Girme’s Nature Cure Center at Akluj. The patient was given Wheat Grass Juice Therapy long with the naturopathy diet consisting mostly juices of carrots, snake gourd, cucumber, vegetable soups, tulsikada, etc. Slowly the swelling began to reduce and on the 16th day from the day starting the Wheat Grass Therapy the swelling was completely gone. He continued the therapy for 3 months and got cured.

Female, Age – 55 Yrs.: This patient was on dialysis for every 15 days as his kidneys were weakened. He also suffered from a heart attack during this period. So the dialysis had to be stopped although the patient could not survive without it. This patient’ son is a doctor himself. He thought of trying Wheat Grass Therapy along with naturopathy diet consisting of juices. Since the kidneys were weak, the doctor’s son was against taking the liquid diet. But juices had to be given as per naturopathy along with Wheat Grass Juice. The patient could pass urine about 500 ml to 600 ml.( A normal healthy person should pass urine about 2 liter’s. daily.)So the daily urine was measured which kept on increasing after 5 to 6 days. On the 12th day the patient could pass urine up to 2 liter’s as the kidney’s started to function. The patient was kept on Wheat Grass Therapy for further 3 months. The kidney’s started to function normally and dialysis was not needed later.

Male patient, age 45 Yrs; Weight 116 Kg.: This patient was facing lot of health problems due to being over-weight. After taking lot of various treatments to reduce weight, he finally decided to try Wheatgrass therapy. In order to reduce weight, diet has to be reduced. Many a times, the drastic reduction in nutritional foods causes weakness and other health hazards. This increases the craving for foods that time and the weight reduction plan fails. Wheatgrass powder supplements the body’s nutrition requirement even if the diet is reduced. It gives a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger pangs. The balanced nutrients promote the body to lose excess fats and reduce weight.  This person strictly followed the diet plan for weight reduction as given in the book long with Wheatgrass therapy and mild exercise. Within 1 month he reduced 10 Kg and further reduced 16 Kg in next 4 months. He could reduce a total of 26 Kgs in 6 to 7 month.

Male patient, Age 40 Yrs.: The increase of uric acid in the blood caused complications such as swelling of the body, digestion trouble, insomnia, etc. He approached Girme’s Nature Cure Center for treatment and could not believe that Wheatgrass therapy could help him. He decided to give it a try and was amazed at the excellent results. Within one month all his problems were gone and he became perfectly normal. The blood tests report was normal. The same problem did not reoccur again and the person is in good health since then for almost three years now.

Female patient, Age 54 Yrs.: She tried different remedies to get cured of her problem for many unsuccessful years. Her continuous medication was causing side effects. Finally, she approached Girme’s Nature Cure Center and decided to try Wheatgrass therapy. She took the Wheatgrass powder along with diet plan and got cured in 4 months.

Female patient, Age 27 Yrs.: This lady had severe itching and irritation on many body parts. Even her face had turned ugly due to the continuous scratching of the skin. She tried lots of medication but got temporary relief. She got cured in three months due to the combination of Wheatgrass therapy and diet plans.

Male patient, Age 55 Yrs.: A wound on the right leg developed into gangrene. He was hospitalized for 15 days but the situation deteriorated further causing skin loss. At the same time his health also became weak and he was diagnosed to have severe Anaemia and kidney complication. The doctors finally gave up and told to take the patient home. Finally Wheatgrass therapy was given to see if it can help. The Wheatgrass powder / juice were poured over the wounds thrice everyday. Initially he was kept on a diet of Naturopathy juices of various fruits and vegetables. Slowly solid food diet was also introduced as the digestion system became stronger. Miraculously, his situation improved and to everybody’s surprise he was cured of the gangrene in about 10 month’s time. The kidney function and Haemoglobin level in the blood also improved up to normal.

Protein in Urine (Male patient, Age 49 Yrs.): The patient was undergoing treatment for this severe health problem. There were trouble symptoms such as swelling, sleeplessness, digestion problems, etc. The Wheatgrass therapy helped him cure of his problem in a few months. It’s been more than three years now and the same problem has not reappeared again.

Male patient, Age 52 Yrs.: This person suffered from heavy diabetes problem and required insulin twice daily. A fatal accident caused paralysis to his complete body below the shoulders. He could only speak and move his head. Many months of treatment did not show any improvement. Doctors predicted that he might go into coma. The patient’s family members approached Girme’s Nature Cure Center and I visited the patient at his house. That time I observed swelling on all his body, he had not slept for months, could not take food, improper bowel functions, etc. I recommended him Wheatgrass therapy along with naturopathy diet plans consisting of maximum liquid juices. This resulted in his body swelling to vanish in 10 to 12 days. Then his sugar levels became normal in another month and he could move his hands and feet a little. He could even stand and walk with help from others. In this way, a person whose body was totally disabled became active.

Female child, Age 9 Yrs.: This girl from Pune suffered from less platelet in her blood. This caused swelling of the body along with other health problems. Doctors were giving her an injection costing Rs. Five thousand through saline per week. This treatment used to give her temporary relief and she being bedridden could not attend school. Her parents decided to try Wheatgrass therapy with Naturopathy diet plan and miraculously her condition improved. Within two months her platelet count became normal and the swelling vanished. It’s been more than two years now and she attends regular school as her health is well maintained.

Male child, Age 6 Yrs.: This child started having fits and reoccurring fever. Various treatments did not result into improvements. Testing of blood samples revealed that the production of blood in his body was inadequate. There is so solution to this problem other than giving blood transfusion at required intervals. This child was given transfusion every fifteen days. Fed up of the agony his child was undergoing, his father approached Girme’s Nature Cure Center to know about Wheatgrass as an alternative therapy and immediately started the course along with diet plans. Within one and a half months his blood transfusion could be skipped as the blood production improved. After another few months, the requirement for blood transfusion was not needed. After this the child was kept on maintenance dose for 3 months after which his condition was noted to be normal.

Male patient, Age 48 Yrs.: Severe itching on the skin all over the body used to cause wounds. The treatment he was undergoing started showing side effects such as improper bowel movement, gases in stomach and loss of appetite. At this stage, he started the Wheatgrass therapy. Within a month the itching reduced and with it the digestion system also improved. In three months the patient was cured of his problem without any side effects.

Male child, age 12 Yrs.: This child attending school in Pune unexpectedly started having fits 5 to 6 six times a day. Various tests including ECG and MRI were conducted to diagnose the cause of this ailment. All reports seemed normal but the cause could not be found. His parents started giving him Wheatgrass therapy as an alternative. The constant reoccurring fits vanished in a month’s time. Further maintenance dose of Wheatgrass powder is being given.

Male patient, Age 86 Yrs.: My uncle had severe piles problem for last few years. Also he suffered from insomnia, loss of appetite, gases, arthritis, etc. We started giving him Wheatgrass powder and slowly increased the dose to two teaspoons morning and evening. All his health problems were reduced within two months of the Wheatgrass therapy. Most important it was noted that his piles were completely cured. Now he feels more fresh and energetic and even at this age can independently take care of his daily chores.

Male patient, age 69 Yrs.: This prosperous businessman from Surat was suffering from heavy diabetes wherein the sugar count had reached 425. At the same time his Haemoglobin count had dropped drastically causing severe weakness. The situation worsened and he could not even walk a few paces. He started taking Wheatgrass powder along with the diet plan for diabetic patients as given in this book. He showed amazing speed of recovery as the sugar count decreased to 356 within 8 days and to 282 in the next 15 days. In 6 weeks from starting the Wheatgrass therapy, his sugar count reached near normal of 123 and the Haemoglobin count also increased to 12, which is normal level. Now he felt energetic and could go for walks. It’s been more than a year now and he is maintaining good health.

Female patient, age 45 Yrs 78 Kg.: This senior lady from Lonavala used to have severe knee pain and skin pigmentation on the face due to old age. She was taking medicines over a considerable duration but the problems were persistent. Then she started taking Wheatgrass powder along with the treatment and it helped her to solve both the problems within 3 months from starting it. Now she can walk freely without any knee pain and the skin on her face is cleared of the pigmentation.

A normal healthy person’s heart beat count is 72 to 80 per minute. This patients heartbeats were around 50 per minute. This caused anemia, weakness, giddiness, and weight dropped to 41 Kg. Doctors recommended operation to fit a pacemaker, which they could not afford to. Further, doctors gave her course of injections for about 8 months but the problems were as it is. Lastly doctors told her husband to take her home for good as they felt no treatment other than fitting a pacemaker would help her.  At that time, her husband read about our Wheatgrass powder and immediately approached us. After detailed discussion, they decided upon taking a chance to see if the Wheatgrass powder therapy could help her. They followed the diet plan for heart problem as given in this book and it provided amazing results. Within two months her heartbeat reached up to normal rate, her weight increased by 8 Kgs and her anemia problem was also solved.