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Wheatgrass - Natures Gift To Mankind

Wheatgrass is known for its therapeutic value in Nature Cure / Naturopathy and is very much liked by promoters of Natural Health Products, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic products, Naturopathic Medicine, Natural Medication, Alternative therapy, Natural remedy, Raw Food Diet, Food Supplements, Natural Medicines, Organic Health Products for Wellness Clinics, Herbal medicine, Medicinal plant extract, etc. Sometimes Wheat Grass is spelt as Vitgras, Vheatgress, Vitagrass, Whetgrass, whet grass, wheatagrass etc. Slide 1/6

Tropical Wheatgrass = 6 x Chlorophyll

Wheatgrass Powder has the amazing ability to concentrate maximum nutrients from the soil. Scientists have established that it has to be cultivated carefully and harvested at the jointing stage (6 to 7 days in tropical climate) when its nutritional content is at its peak and is a naturally rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Enzymes, Chlorophyll and Dietary Fibre. Wheatgrass powder is said to contain more than 90 different nutritious substances and 19 Amino acids. Slide 2/6

Chlorophyll = Green Blood

Wheat Grass contains maximum Chlorophyll along with 108+ beneficial phyto nutrients. Hence Wheat Grass Juice is also known as Chlorophyll Juice and similarly Wheat Grass Powder is also known as Chlorophyll Powder. The molecular structure of Chlorophyll is similar to human blood. Therefore Wheatgrass Chlorophyll gets absorbed quickly in the blood and helps to increase haemoglobin, combat Anaemia, Thalassemia, etc. Dieticians therefore call Wheatgrass as ‘Green Blood' that promotes health and healing.Slide 3/6

Wheatgrass = Panacea On Earth

Due to the natural remedies concentration of numerous beneficial nutrients present in it, Wheatgrass powder is hailed as 'The Panacea on Earth' by many famous Naturopaths and Dieticians around the world. In the last few decades, many Naturopaths from various countries have studied in detail the usability of wheatgrass for its therapautic applications and conducted experiments to gauge its efficacy in benefits to Human Health.Slide 4/6

Natural Remedy Product - Wheat Grass

Modern diets lack healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, which account for poor nutrition in most people, particularly antioxidants that are the building blocks of good health. Moreover to worsen matters, the food that we eat today may contain additives, coloring, pesticides residue and preservatives. Everyday we are exposed to air, noise and visual pollution. All these contribute to the increase of free radicals in our bodies & could cause cancer like degenerative diseases. Slide 5/6

Wheatgrass Powder- Naturopathic Medicine

More and more people have become aware about benefits of wheatgrass and we were promoted towards Wheatgrass being developed into powder form. Initially, a lot of people had reservations about the beneficial nutrients being present in powder, but refined manufacturing techniques have proven Wheatgrass in Powder form to be the most practical, convenient and result oriented alternative to acquire the benefits of Wheatgrass. Slide 6/6
Benefits of Wheatgrass Exporting Wheatgrass Powder to 40+ Countries

What is Wheat Grass?

Wheat Grass
means the green leaf of ‘baby’ red berry wheat plant. In tropical climate Wheatgrass grows to a height of around 6 inches in just 7 days. Cutting the green leaf Wheat Grass at this ‘jointing stage’ (before the stem begins to form) and drinking its green chlorophyll rich Wheat Grass juice is know to have many therapeutic benefits. Now Wheatgrass Powder is proven as the most convenient, economical and efficient way of getting the health benefits of Wheatgrass.

TV and Newspaper Coverage

Hippocrates - The Father Of Modern Medical Science and the great Greek philosopher
Girmes Wheatgrass:
Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

Watch this 05:53 mins video to know about: Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder? गेहूँ के ज्वारे के फ़ायदे I How to buy Wheatgrass Powder?

Awards of Excellence

Won national award for Best Export Oriented UnitOn 1st March 2014 we got NATIONAL AWARD from Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt. of India; recognition as 'The Best Export Oriented Unit’


Real life success stories about Wheat Grass Powder health benefits by product users. Wheatgrass is proven benefitial like a naturopathic medicine alternative therapy product especially in blood & digestion related problems like Thalassemia, Anaemia (to increase RBC / Haemoglobin level), Cancers, Diabetes, Piles (Haemorrhoids), Obesity (herbal weight loss products), etc. Read More >>

We are the No. 1 Indian manufacturer
of Organic / Bio Wheat Grass Powder

(100% Natural Health Food Supplement)
Having own farm & export oriented unit.

girmeswheatgrass-tablet-bottle 3gx30-sachet-pack 3gx10-sachet-pack 3g-sachet-pack 100g-bottle-packing 100g-200g-pouch loose-16kg bulk-load(2ton-truck)

Dealers in India & Abroad

Girme's = Best Wheat Grass Powder

  • Promoting Wheatgrass since 1998
  • Commitment to high quality & service
  • Best Wheatgrass manufacturer
  • Has 500+ Dealers in all states of India
  • Exporting to 40+ countries world wide

Visit our Dealers List page

About Girmes Wheatgrass !!

We are a family owned agro based enterprise from Pune, INDIA. This natural remedies & organic health food supplement concept is pioneered by Doctor of Naturopathy Mr. Chandrakant N. Girme (B.Sc; N.D.)
Now his son Mr. Hemant Girme has successfully taken ahead this company on a global platform.

Girme's Wheatgrass Powder has international level certifications as follows:

  • NPOP India Organic, NOP (USDA Organic), EU and JAS Organic
  • HACCP and Organic Certified unit by Control Union Certifications, The Netherlands.

We grow the Wheatgrass in traditional way on the ground under green shade net houses using organic soil media & carefully harvest the green blades of Wheat Grass on 7th / 8th day by chopping it once inch above the soil. The Wheat Grass is then washed, dehydrate under UV stabilized poly film houses & grinded into fine Powder using low intensity pulveriser machines.
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Hemant Chandrakant Girme, CEO Girme's WheatgrassMr. Hemant Chandrakant Girme - CEO
call executive

Our Contact:

110, Raviraj CRU Mall,
Market Yard, Pune - 411037,
State- Maharashtra, INDIA.

Working Hours:     
Mon to Fri:  9.30 am – 6 pm
Saturday:     9.30 am – 1 pm
Indian Time (IST)=GMT + 05.30 Hrs

Girmes Wheatgrass Business offer
Girmes Wheatgrass Business offer

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