Wheatgrass Powder

Concept and History of Wheatgrass:

Wheat Grass is known for its therapeutic value since ancient times in Naturopathy (Nature Cure) which is a branch of Ayurveda.

Diet occupies an important place during sickness and health. The Father Of Modern Medical Science and the great Greek philosopher Hippocrates rightly said ‘Let thy food be thy medicine’. 

Nature has created food to provide us with nutrition required to maintain health and fight diseases. Our body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself if provided with proper diet, environment and exercise.

Dr. Charles Schnabel (1895-1974) of USA is considered as the father of Wheatgrass in modern times. He introduced the importance of Wheatgrass in 1930s followed by holistic health practitioner, naturopath and raw food advocate Dr. Ann Wigmore (1909-1994) who popularised the usage and benefits of Wheatgrass to the masses worldwide. She is the founder of Hippocrates Health Institute, USA and Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Mexico.  Extensive research and publicity by them promoted Wheatgrass being hailed as – Panacea on Earth.

Importance of Wheatgrass:

Significance of Wheatgrass being good for health reflects in many Indian traditions. Hindus offer ‘Durva’ (green grass) to the elephant God Ganesha and grow Wheatgrass to worship for nine days during ‘Navratri’ (Durga Puja) festival every year. Just like many other things of Indian origin, the popularity of Wheatgrass grew worldwide after it was highlighted in western countries.

Dr. Ann Wigmore has mentioned the Biblical story about Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar who spent seven years, insane, living like a wild animal eating the grass of the fields and got cured. 

The common observation that dogs and cats nibble on grass, presumably when ill, strengthens our belief in the healing power of grasses.

What is Wheat Grass Powder?

Wheat Grass means the green vegetable leaves of ‘baby’ wheat plant (Triticum Aestivum) used as a food, drink or dietary supplement. Wheat Grass is popular in Naturopathy / Nature Cure for preventive health care and healing properties. When grown on a large scale it looks like grass, hence it’s called Wheatgrass.

In today’s modern times, making the availability of Wheatgrass in Powder form has made its benefits accessible to needy people worldwide.

Whole leaf Wheat Grass Powder is considered like a naturopathic medicine super food promoted by Naturopaths, Naturopathy Practitioners, Nature Cure followers, Herbalist, Alternative Therapists, etc. to help combat stubborn diseases especially related to blood and digestion right from Anaemia, Thalassemia, Diabetes, Haemorrhoids / Piles to Cancers.

Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder: Super Healthy, Super Convenient and Super Economical

  • Bursting – with concentrated nutrients, even more than fresh wheatgrass juice
  • Natural – made from fresh, organically grown wheatgrass sprouts
  • Gluten Free – made from green wheat leaf and not from the wheat seed
  • Economical – at lower cost than a month’s supply of fresh wheatgrass juice
  • Convenient – to have your wheatgrass shots anywhere, any time
  • Efficient – for anyone who wants maximum benefit with convenience
  • Safe to use – for kids, elderly, infirm and women trying to conceive, in pregnancy & even during breast feeding
  • Quality – produced under strictly controlled sterile conditions

Spelling of Wheatgrass, Wheatgrass Powder, Organic Wheatgrass, Natural Wheatgrass in other languages.

Arabic (UAE ) – عشبة القمح مسحوق
Arabic (Egypt) – 
بودرة عشب القمح بودرة
Arabic (Oman) – 
مسحوق خضار مسحوق
Bali, Indonesia – Wheatgrass Bubuk

Bulgaria – натурални житни стъбла, стрити на прах
Chinese –小麥草  , , 天然小麥草粉
Dutch – Tarwegras poeder, Tarwegraspoeder
Finland – Vehnänorasjauhe/ Vetegräs. Vehnänoras
French – Herbe de blé en poudre, poudre Herbe de ble
German – Weizengras, Weizengras Pulver

Greece – ΒΛΑΣΤΟΣ ΣΙΤΟΥ σκόνη, σιταρόχορτο, βλαστοσ σίτου σκόνη
Japanese – 小麦の若葉  , 小麦の若葉のパウダ
Norway – Hvetegress, Hvetegress Pulver,
Poland – TRAWA ZBOŻOWA Proszek
Romania – Grau verde, pudra de iarba de grau verde
Slovakia –  ZELENÁ PŠENICA v prášku
Spanish – trigo en polvo, de polvo de hierba de trigo, la hierba de trigo
Sweden – Vetegroddspulver, Weizenkeime Pulver
Russian – пшеничных ростков Порошок, Джирмес Уитграсс
Thailand – ต้นอ่อนข้าวสาลีเกอร์มี

Directions for Use​:

  • A tsp of honey may be added with powder to enhance taste.
  • Avoid food for half an hour before & after Powder / Tab.
  • Some may experience nausea or irregular bowel movement in the first few days.
    In such cases, reduce quantity & increase gradually as your body gets accustomed to the product.
  • SAFE for children above 1 yr, the elderly, infirm & women trying to conceive, during pregnancy & breast-feeding.

Suggested Quantity

  1. Normal People (For general wellness): For 1 month 3g Powder / 1 Tab. in morning, Then a) Continue the Wheatgrass Powder / Tab. all year. OR
    b) Repeat the course after a gap of every 5-6 months. No harmful side effects even if taken daily for long time.
  2. To help in Health Problems: Start with 3g Powder / 1 Tab. in morning, Then gradually increase to twice a day in morning & evening
  3. To loose weight: 3g Powder / 1-2 Tab. with water 1 Hr. before lunch & dinner.

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  • Wheatgrass Powder therapy should accompany a good diet consisting of vegetables, soups, sprouts, green salads, fruits, juices, dry fruits, etc.
  • Bakery products, fried foods, sweets, spicy foods, overcooked food, non-veg, alcohol, etc. should be kept to a minimum.
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