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Wheatgrass Powder (3g×30) Sachet – Pack of 2

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Brand Girme’s Wheatgrass
Quality Organic Certified
Country of Origin India
Allergen Information Gluten Free
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Directions For Use:

  • For best results, mix 1 spoon (3g) of powder In a glass having about 275 ml of warm water and drink
  • Store in a cool, dry and clean place

Wheat Grass Powder is a Naturopathy concept health supplement which helps or benefits in treatment of Cancer (stage I and II), blood and digestion related disorders such as Anemia, Leukemia, Thalassemia, Diabetes, Acidity, Constipation, Ulcer, Piles (Hemorrhoids), Eczema, Psoriasis, etc.

Wheatgrass in Powder form is easy to use anywhere anytime, economical and efficient, even more than fresh juice.

Buy Wheatgrass Powder online from this page and get fresh dated product with book (manual) free of cost dispatch directly from our factory.

Organic Wheatgrass (Tritium aestivum), Whole leaf Wheat Grass Powder

Direction for use: Mix 3g (spoon) Wheatgrass Powder in a glass of warm water and drink on empty stomach. Avoid food for half an hour before and after. Best if taken in early morning.

Each pack gives 30 servings (one months supply).

Recommended quantity: 

A) To help combat diseases: 3g per day mixed in a glass of warm water once or twice a day for 3 months. Refer Naturopathy diet plans for prominent diseases given in Downloads section.

B) Preventive Health Care: Repeat the course (3g per day x 30 days) after a gap of every 5 months. Means 2 packs required per year, buy fresh pack each time.

Q.1. Does Wheatgrass have a historical references?

Ans. The use of Wheatgrass for its therapeutic value is existent since ancient time. Hindus offer ‘Durva’ (green grass) to the elephant God Ganesh and grow Wheatgrass to worship for nine days during ‘Navratri’ (Laxmi festival) every year.

Dr. Ann Wigmore has mentioned the Biblical story about Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar who spent seven years, insane, living like a wild animal eating the grass of the fields and got cured.

The common observation that dogs and cats nibble on grass, presumably when ill, strengthens our belief in the healing power of grass.

Q.2. How is Wheatgrass as compared to Ordinary grass and other supplements?

Ans. Wheatgrass is grown through a process called sprouting. Sprouts are ‘complete food’ as they contain all the essential dietary nutrients along with the enzymes to help assimilate them.

Dr. G. H. Earp-Thomas, celebrated American scientist and dietician, isolated over hundred elements from Wheatgrass and reached to the conclusion that Wheatgrass is the best of all grass and that it is a complete food in itself.
Compared to Wheatgrass, other green-leafy vegetables are less beneficial and palatable in natural form. Wheatgrass Powder is an innocent natural food, which works as a health enhancer due to its highly balanced nutritional value.

Artificially formulated supplements may contain some nutrients in excess and deficiency of other nutrients (Enzymes and Amino Acids) which act as ‘catalyst’ in their absorption. This may results in wastage of many beneficial nutrients. Wheatgrass is naturally better than synthetic vitamins and supplements.

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  1. Hemant Girme (store manager)

    A fantastic product for overall well being.

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